Alberta Number Theory Days X

  • Start Date: 05/11/2018
  • End Date: 05/13/2018

Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff


This conference is a unique opportunity for the Albertan Number Theory community to regroup and discuss the latest research progress in the field as well hear about the advances of Alberta’s own researchers. In particular, the smaller intimate nature of the conference provides an ideal environment for younger researchers to introduce their work and connect with other well-established researchers in the province, but outside of their own universities.


Number theory is a broad and central area of research with many connections and applications to other areas of mathematics and science. The subject may be divided into several subdisciplines that range from pure mathematics, such as algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, analytic number theory, and automorphic forms and representation theory, to more applied areas such as computational number theory, cryptography, and mathematical physics. All these fields are represented among the Albertan number theorists from Calgary, Edmonton, or Lethbridge. 


Confirmed Speakers: 

Alice Silverberg (UC Irvine)
Steven Galbraith (Auckland)
Andrew Booker (Bristol)
Clifton Cunningham (Calgary)
Khoa Nguyen (Calgary)
Terry Gannon (Alberta)
Amy Feaver (King's University)
Peng-Jie Wong (Lethbridge)
Kirsten Wilk (Lethbridge)
Abid Ali (Alberta)
Perlas Caranay (Calgary)



Schedule and Speaker Abstracts available here


Nathan Ng (University of Lethbridge)
Ha Tran (Calgary)
Wolfgang Riedler (Alberta)

Other Information: 

This is a BIRS 2-day workshop.


For more information, please visit BIRS workshop webpage at: