PIMS- UBC Math Distinguished Colloquium: Fernando Perez

  • Date: 02/15/2018
Fernando Perez, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

University of British Columbia


Building an open platform for research and education in data science with Project Jupyter


Project Jupyter, evolved from the IPython environment, provides a platform for interactive computing that is widely used today in research, education, journalism and industry. The core premise of the Jupyter architecture is to design tools around the experience of interactive computing. It provides an environment, protocol, file format and libraries optimized for the computational process when there is a human in the loop, in a live iteration with ideas and data assisted by the computer.



I will discuss both how the architecture of Jupyter supports a variety of workflows that are central to the processes of research and education. In particular, Jupyter supports reproducible scientific research and the communication of data-intensive narratives both within the scholarly community and with broader audiences. By providing tools that can benefit research scientists as well as media practitioners and journalists, we hope to contribute to a more informed debate in society in domains where data, computation and science are key.

Other Information: 

Location: Hugh Dempster Pavilion - Room 110, 6245 Agronomy Rd.


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