Summer School on Contemporary Dynamical Systems (SMS)

  • Start Date: 07/10/2017
  • End Date: 07/21/2017

Centre de Recherches Mathématiques


The theory of dynamical systems has witnessed very significant developments in the last decades. This progress was acknowledged by the fact that the field was granted 9 lectures at ICM2014. It is also worth mentioning that most of the work of two 2014 Fields medalists, Artur Avila and Maryam Mirzakhani fits into the field of dynamical systems. The theory of dynamical systems is a very broad area, which has both pure and applied mathematics aspects. In this school, we emphasize two main of recent developments, namely those of partial hyperbolicity on one side, and rigidity, group actions and renormalization on the other side, as well as four other related areas.


Confirmed speakers:
Thomas Barthelmé, Queen's University, Anosov flows in dimension 3
Sylvain Crovisier, Université de Paris-Sud (France), Partial hyperbolicity conservative and dissipative
Konstantin Khanin, University of Toronto (Canada), Renormalization
Patrice Le Calvez, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France), Maximal isotopies, transverse foliations and orbit forcing theory for surface homeomorphisms
Andrés Navas, University of Santiago (Chile), Groups and dynamics
Enrique Pujals, IMPA (Brazil), Dynamics of smooth volume-contracting surfaces diffeomorphisms
Jean-François Quint, Université de Bordeaux (France), Random walks on groups: limit theorems
Juan Rivera-Letelier, University of Rochester (USA), Thermodynamic formalism of one-dimensional maps
Federico Rodriguez-Hertz, PennState University (USA), Group actions, rigidity and beyond
Christiane Rousseau, Université de Montréal (Canada), Singularities of analytic dynamical systems depending on parameters
Ferrán Valdez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma (Mexico), Geometry and dynamics on infinite type flat surfaces
Marcelo Viana, IMPA (Brazil), Lyapunov exponents
Amie Wilkinson, University of Chicago (USA), The ergodic hypothesis and its sequelae


Sylvain Crovisier (Université de Paris-Sud, France)
Konstantin Khanin (University of Toronto, Canada)
Andrés Navas (University of Santiago Chile))
Christiane Rousseau (Université de Montréal, Canada)
Marcelo Viana (IMPA, Brazil)
Amie Wilkinson (University of Chicago, USA