Conference on Means, Methods and Results in the Statistical Mechanics of Polymeric Systems II

  • Start Date: 06/12/2017
  • End Date: 06/14/2017

Fields Institute


The main objective is to communicate the means, methods and results currently used to explore questions arising from modelling polymeric systems. Means and methods include multidisciplinary mathematical (from combinatorial to topological) and computational (from exact enumeration to Monte Carlo) approaches. Recent applications of results range from modelling: enzyme action on DNA, single molecule AFM experiments, to phase transitions in complex co-polymer systems. Through a combination of introductory and research-level talks, new researchers will be drawn to the field and new advances will develop; in so doing, the ongoing contributions of Stuart Whittington to the field will be celebrated.


EJ Janse van Rensburg - York University
Enzo Orlandini - Università di Padova
Thomas Prellberg - Queen Mary University of London
Andrew Rechnitzer - University of British Columbia
Jeremy Schofield - University of Toronto
Christine Soteros - University of Saskatchewan.

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