Mathematical Imaging Science

  • Date: 05/05/2017
Charles Epstein (University of Pennsylvania). Lecture: The Geometry of the Phase Retrieval Problem. [video]
Misha Kilmer (Tufts University). Lecture: The Case for T-Product Tensor Decompositions: Compression, Analysis and Reconstruction of Image Data. [video]
James Nagy (Emory University). Lecture: Hybrid Krylov Subspace Iterative Methods for Inverse Problems [video]

University of Manitoba


The mathematical and computing sciences are central to numerous facets of imaging science, and furnish the tools that enable progress in those domains. This workshop focuses on the mathematical issues and computational techniques that lie at the heart of many problems in imaging science. An intense one-day immersion into the mathematical and computational sides of imaging science, the MWMIS will feature four high-profile invited lecturers to speak on their current research in mathematical imaging science. The event will also include presentations from Manitoba-based researchers on the workshop’s theme. The MWMIS will bring together Manitoba’s researchers working across imaging science to foster collaborations, uncover commonalities, and identify key challenges of mutual interest.

Other Information: 

The workshop will be held in the Robert B. Shultz Lecture Theatre.


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Full scientific report available here.