Abelian Varieties Multi-Site Seminar Series: David Jao

  • Date: 03/23/2017
David Jao, Unviersity of Waterloo

University of Waterloo


Efficient Compression of SIDH Public Keys [video]


Supersingular isogeny Diffie-Hellman (SIDH) is an attractive candidate for post-quantum key exchange, in large part due to its relatively small public key sizes. In this work we develop methods to reduce the size of public keys in isogeny-based cryptosystems by more than a factor of two, with performance cost comparable to that of a round of standalone SIDH key exchange, using a combination of techniques from the theory of elliptic curve descent, faster bilinear pairings, and windowed Pohlig-Hellman for discrete logarithms. Our results provide SIDH public keys of 330 bytes for the 128-bit quantum security level, far smaller than any other available alternative, and further strengthen the case for SIDH as a promising post-quantum primitive.


Joint work with Craig Costello, Patrick Longa, Micahel Naehrig, Joost
Renes, and David Urbanik


A video of this event is available on mathtube.org

Other Information: 

Main Location: University of Waterloo

Time: 11/12/14/20 PST/MST/EST/CET