Alberta Number Theory Days IX

  • Start Date: 03/18/2017
  • End Date: 03/19/2017

Banff, Alberta


This conference is a unique opportunity for the number theorists in Alberta to get together and discuss the latest research progress in the field as well hear about the advances of Alberta's own researchers. The smaller, intimate nature of the conference provides an ideal environment for young researchers to introduce their work and connect with other well-established researchers in the province, but outside of their own universities.


Western Canada has always been one of the major Canadian centres for number theory. Alberta number theorists are working in a wide range of subdisciplines, including algebraic number theory (Weiss in Edmonton), analytic number theory (Akbary, Hamieh, Kadiri, and Ng, in Lethbridge), arithmetic geometry (Greenberg in Calgary), automorphic forms (Cunningham in Calgary, Patnaik in Edmonton), computational number theory (Bauer, Jacobson, Scheidler, and Williams in Calgary), and the interactions of number theory with mathematical physics (Gannon and Creutzig in Edmonton).



There have been eight successful Alberta Number Theory Days conferences (Lethbridge 2008, Calgary 2009, BIRS 2010, BIRS 2011, BIRS 2013, BIRS 2014, BIRS 2015, BIRS 2016). These conferences have been a great inspiration for our community, especially for the younger researchers. It is a great event which exposes all the participants to topics outside their field of expertise. This conference plays a significant role in strengthening our Alberta number theory community.


Amy Feaver (The King's University)

Alia Hamieh (University of Lethbridge)

Shashank Kanade (University of Alberta)

Other Information: 

For more information, please visit the BIRS website here.


Final scientific report available here.