Representations in Arithmetic, Lecture 1: Kiran Kedlaya

  • Date: 02/20/2017

University of British Columbia


Introduction to Adic spaces


Representations in Arithmetic: Interactive Broadcast with Prof. Kiran Kedlaya

PIMS UBC will broadcast 3-4 lectures on Representations in Arithmetic- Adic spaces.


• Feb 20th: 3:00pm PST

• Feb 21st: 3:00pm PST

• Feb 28th: TBC



First broadcast: Feb 20th, 3:00pm PST from PIMS Central (ESB room 4127)



Speaker Webpage:


Notes from Prof. Kedlaya (and also part of the 2017 Arizona Winter School):




*Supplemented with background from Jared Weinstein's lecture notes:


This event is part of the PIMS Focus Group on Representations in Arithmetic.




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Location: ESB 4127