PIMS 20th Anniversary Celebration at USaskatchewan

  • Date: 02/03/2017
Gerda de Vries (University of Alberta)

University of Saskatchewan


Making Mathematics with Needle and Thread: Quilts as Mathematical Objects


The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) was founded in 1996, and the University of Saskatchewan joined in 2008. Help us celebrate PIMS and 20 years of promoting research, training, and public awareness for the mathematical sciences.







3:30pm:  Welcome and opening remarks


3:45pm: Public Lecture: Dr. Gerda de Vries (University of Alberta): Making Mathematics with Needle and Thread: Quilts as Mathematical Objects

The connection between textiles and mathematics is intimate but
not often explored, possibly because textiles and fiber arts have
traditionally been the domain of women while mathematics was
viewed as a male endeavour. How times have changed! Today, textiles and mathematics, like art and science, are recognized for their
interwoven, complementary attributes. In this presentation, mathematics professor Gerda de Vries will examine the connection between textiles and mathematics, in the context of both traditional
and contemporary quilts. In a sense, every quilt is a mathematical
object, by virtue of the fact that it has shape and dimension. But
some quilts are more mathematical than others, and in very dierent
ways. She will show how mathematical concepts such as symmetry, fractals, and algorithmic design show up in the world of quilting through serendipitous and intentional design.

This lecture is for a general audience. A background in mathematics is not needed, nor the ability to sew!


4:45pm: Reception

 Please RSVP by Monday January 30th at https://events.pims.math.ca/rsvp/pims-uofs-20

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Location: Biology Building, Room 106