Probability Seminar: Tom Hutchcroft

  • Date: 11/30/2016
  • Time: 15:00
Tom Hutchcroft, UBC

University of British Columbia


Update Tolerance in Uniform Spanning Forests


The uniform spanning forests (USFs) of an infinite graph G are defined to be infinite volume limits of uniformly chosen spanning trees of finite subgraphs of G. These limits can be taken with respect to two extremal boundary conditions, yielding the free uniform spanning forest (FUSF) and wired uniform spanning forest (WUSF). While the wired uniform spanning forest has been quite well understood since the seminal paper of Benjamini, Lyons, Peres and Schramm (’01), the FUSF is less understood, and some very basic questions about it remain open. In this talk I will introduce a new tool in the study of USFs, called update tolerance, and describe how update tolerance can be used to prove, among other things, that the FUSF has either one or infinitely many connected components on any infinite Cayley graph, and that components of either the FUSF and WUSF are indistinguishable from each other by invariantly defined properties on any infinite Cayley graph. Another crucial component of these proofs is the Mass-Transport Principle, which I will also give an introduction to.

Based in part on joint work with Asaf Nachmias.

Other Information: 

Location: ESB 2012