Short Course on Partial differential equations with deal.II.

  • Start Date: 08/29/2016
  • End Date: 09/01/2016

University of British Columbia


In this class, we introduce the finite element library deal.II in order to solve partial di erential equations. The class covers basic topics from installing the library and adding support for auxiliary software to setting up a mesh. It advances to de fining various finite element spaces on a mesh and the implementation of bilinear forms. We will cover the implementation of discontinuous Galerkin methods as well as multigrid solvers and preconditioners. The capabilities of deal.II for multithreading and message passing parallelization will be introduced. The course discusses applications like potential problems, linear and nonlinear elasticity, incompressible flow, porous media flow, Maxwell eigenvalue problems, and possibly applications contributed by the audience.


Course Instructor:

Guido Kanschat (U. Heidelberg) 


Time Schedule:

10am - 12:00pm  and 2:00pm- 4:00pm everyday except Thursday (10:00am - 12:00pm only) 


Course outline:

The course will be given in 7 lectures  (Monday to Thursday) with time for programming after each lecture. Participants should have deal.II and amandus installed.

1. Grand overview of deal.II and details of the installation process.

2. Creating and refining meshes. Setting up finite element spaces.

3. A first Poisson solver

4. A state-of-the-art multilevel Poisson solver with discontinuous Galerkinmethods

5. I have an equation and want to solve it. No more. Amandus.

6. Mixed finite elements

7. Eigenvalue problems

8. Exploring error estimation and adaptive refinement

9. Multigrid preconditioning

10. Parallelization

Deviations from this schedule can be agreed on with the participants.




- Participants should have a basic general knowledge of the finite element method as well as of C++.

- Software should be downloaded (see below) and tested on participants' computers. 




Download the full syllabus here.




Course registration

Registration for this course is now Closed.  Registration fees include coffee breaks and some meals.







Chen Greif (UBC)

Other Information: 

Room Location:

Computer Science X836. UBC Maps are available here


Event Evaluation

Particpants in this short course are required to fill in this quick survey on the event.




Final scientific report available here.