2016 West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School

  • Start Date: 08/08/2016
  • End Date: 08/13/2016

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon


This summer school is aimed at graduate students and post-docs, though all are welcome. We have support from the National Science Foundation and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences for roughly seventy-five participants, including local accommodations and partial reimbursement of travel expenses (depending on interest and available funds).


Scientific Plan:

The scientific goal is for participants to learn about the deep interplay between homotopy theory and number theory. Aspects of this include formal group laws, chromatic homotopy theory, Lubin-Tate moduli spaces, elliptic curves, elliptic cohomology theories, modular forms, and p-divisible groups. Our aim is to introduce students to classical and recent developments on both sides.



Some participants will be preparing and giving lectures which have been planned in advance by the scientific committee. Participants will be drawn from both the algebraic topology and number theory communities, to foster further connections between these fields.

The number of lectures each day will be limited, and the the additional time used for activities to complement lectures. Some possible activities are: question sessions; students working on problems; smaller lectures which could fill in background for less experienced participants (possibly given by other participants with expertise), or could go further into recent advances for more experienced participants; reading; and side discussions. Because of the very different backgrounds, we will consciously promote opportunities for communication across specialties.



Final Report


Scientific Committee:

Agnes Beaudry
Mike Hill (co-chair)

Tyler Lawson (co-chair)

Kyle Ormsby

Vesna Stojanoska

Jared Weinstein

Kirsten Wickelgren 


Organizing Committee: 

Alejandro Adem

Ralph Cohen

Dev Sinha

Other Information: 


Accommodations, including meals, will be provided at the University of Oregon's student residences. (Oregon in the summertime is a wonderful place to visit.) To register and apply for accommodation, please see the registration process below.


Registration Process:

Registration for WCATSS is a two-step process:


Step 1: Application Request: Individuals interested in participating in the Summer School should send an email to: wcatss2016@pims.math.ca. The email should contain the following:

**Applicant's first, last name and gender

**Applicant's email address and institution

**Applicant's referee name and email

**Applicant's CV (as a pdf attachment)

**A brief (less than 250 word) statement on how the summer school will benefit their research and current studies.

**Indication of whether you would like to present at the summer school, and your area of interest.

**Indication of whether you would like to be considered for travel support and/or accommodation.

Application deadline:  11:59 PM on April 22nd, 2016.


Step 2: Registration: You will be notified via email once your application has been accepted and will be directed to the Summer School registration page.


Collaborative Research Group:

This event is hosted by the PIMS Collaborative Research Group on Applied, Algebraic and Geometric Topology



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Final scientific report available here.