International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics

  • Start Date: 07/10/2016
  • End Date: 07/14/2016

University of Victoria



Rarefied Gas Dynamics (RGD) is a multidisciplinary field encompassing atomic and molecular physics, mathematics and computer simulation techniques. Its foundations trace back to the fathers of statistical mechanics, Ludwig Boltzmann and James Clerk Maxwell who opened a new path and established a link between the microscopic and macroscopic worlds.


Today, RGD is a fully mature discipline which not only provides a continuous source of challenging mathematical problems but also the basis for many applications including high altitude flight, plasma physics, microfluidics, gas-surface interaction, and many more.


About the RGD symposium:


The first symposium took place in Nice in 1958. Since then, researchers in the field meet every other year, alternating between Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.




Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Henning Struchtrup, University of Victoria

Andrew Ketsdever, University of Colorado

Bernie Shizgal, University of British Columbia

Other Information: 



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Full scientific report available here.