Combinatorial Constructions in Topology

  • Start Date: 08/17/2015
  • End Date: 08/21/2015


Invited Speakers


Alejandro Adem (University of British Columbia)*

Tony Bahri (Rider University, USA)

Suyoung Choi (Ajou University, South Korea)

Charles Doran (University of Alberta and University of Maryland)

Michael Falk (Northern Arizona University, USA)*

Matthias Franz (University of Western Ontario)

Megumi Harada (McMaster University)*

Tara Holm (Cornell University, USA)*

Pascal Lambrechts (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Zhi Lu (Fudan University, China)

Mikiya Masuda (Osaka City University, Japan)

Taras Panov (Moscow State University, Russia)

Mainak Poddar (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)

Parameswaran Sankaran (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India)

Hal Schenck (University of Illinois, USA)

Stephen Theriault (University of Southampton, UK)*

Hugh Thomas (University of New Brunswick)

Ismar Volic (Wellesley College, USA)



* = subject to confirmation


University of Regina


This workshop is organized around some interrelated themes in algebraic and equivariant topology such as: torus-equivariant topology and GKM theory; K-theory of toric manifolds; (rational) homotopy theory of toric spaces; arrangements of hyperplanes; rigidity problems in toric topology; symplectic aspects; configuration spaces; applications of topology in combinatorics; and group actions.


The meeting is one part of the Applied Algebraic and Geometric Topology PIMS Collaborative Research Group. A central objective is to bring together researchers from PIMS-sponsored universities with participants from elsewhere in Canada and the rest of the world.

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Final scientific report available here.