Applied Topology and High-Dimensional Data Analysis

  • Start Date: 08/17/2015
  • End Date: 08/28/2015


Kofi Adragni (University of Maryland Baltimore)
Ejaz Ahmed (Brock University)
Luke Bornn (Harvard University)
Peter Bubenik (Cleveland State University)
Ryan Budney (University of Victoria)
Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford University)
Ivor Cribben (University of Alberta)
Justin Curry (Duke University)
Michael Daniels (University of Texas)
Guoqung Diao (George Mason University)
Lee Dicker (Rutgers University)
Kjell Doksum (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Xiaoli Gao (Oakland university)
Yulia Gel (University of Texas, Dallas)
Rob Ghrist (University of Pennsylvania)
Jinko Graham (Simon Fraser University)
Joel Hass (University of California, Davis)
Bei Jiang (Columbia University)
Abbas Khalili (McGill University)
Peter Kim (Guelph University)
Linglong Kong (University of Alberta)
Michael Lesnick (IMA, Minneapolis)
Mary Lesperance (University of Victoria)
Rachel Levanger (Rutgers University)
Yi Li (University of Michigan)
Xuewen Lu (University of Calgary)
Shuangge Ma (Yale University)
Mike Mandell (Bloomington Indiana)
George Michalidis (University of Michigan)
Debashis Mondal (Oregon State University)
Bin Nan (University of Michigan)
Vidit Nanda (University of Pennsylvania)
Farouk Nathoo (University of Victoria)
Yingli Qin (University of Waterloo)
Annie Qu (UIUC)
Lilia Leticia Ramirez (ITAM, CIMAT)
Matias Salibian-Barrera (University of British Columbia)
Ali Shojaie (Washington University)
Matt Taddy (University of Chicago)
Jonathan Taylor (Stanford University)
Anand Vidyashankar (George Mason University)
Sijian Wang (University of Wisconsin)
Matthew Wright (IMA, Minnesota)
Ruben Zamar (University of British Columbia)
Julie Zhou (University of Victoria)


University of Victoria


This conference aims to bring together applied topologists and spatial statisticians that are curious about each-other's work.  We anticipate having two relatively-distinct groups: 1) topologists that have been working with applied algebraic-topological tools like persistent homology, 2) statisticians working in the area of high-dimensional data analysis, and researchers from fields that involve large data problems.  We aim to have as many general-interest talks as possible but as talks get more technical and special-interest we might see some parallel sessions aimed towards one particular audience. The other principal aspect of the conference is the first week we will have talks aimed primarily at a graduate student audience, covering the most basic topics in algebraic topology, persistent homology, and the basics of the fields people are applying these topics to, such as economics, brain imaging and genomics.

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Ejaz Ahmed (Brock University), co-chair
Ryan Budney (University of Victoria), co-chair
David Giles (University of Victoria)
Farouk Nathoo (University of Victoria),  co-chair
Matt Taddy (University of Chicago)
Schmuel Weinberger (University of Chicago)
Julie Zhou (University of Victoria)

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Final scientific report available here.