AARMS-PIMS Summer School in Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis

  • Start Date: 07/06/2015
  • End Date: 07/31/2015

Dalhousie University


During a four week period every summer AARMS invites highly regarded faculty from around the world to deliver graduate courses in the mathematical sciences and their applications. Our goals are to broaden the education of graduate students and to encourage promising undergraduates to continue their study. While, in a given year, a good number of students come from Canada, our School continues to bring to Atlantic Canada students from around the world. Indeed, the multicultural, international flavour of our School and the possibility of forming lifelong friendships and collaborations amongst people of different backgrounds and cultures is one of our School's strengths.


Each course consists of 5 ninety minute lectures per week. Grades are assigned and certificates of completion are issued to successful students. Since our courses are Dalhousie University graduate courses, we hope that students' home institutions will offer transfer credit for AARMS summer courses. Certainly, we are prepared to help students achieve local credit in any way possible.


Given that our students have diverse backgrounds, courses are taught at the entry level of a typical Canadian graduate programme. Our courses cover a broad spectrum of mathematics. Each student must register for two courses, but in order to increase the value of the programme and the overall educational experience and to the extent that this is possible, just one of these should be in a familiar subject.


Other Information: 

Website: www.aarms.math.ca/summer



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