Theory Canada 10

  • Start Date: 06/11/2015
  • End Date: 06/14/2015

University of Calgary


The Theory Canada conference was initiated in 2005 as a satellite conference for the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) congress. Theorists present work in frontiers of knowledge to an audience comprising of students and researchers from all areas of theoretical physics. The aim of the conference is to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas across disciplines. The broad themes of the conference are (i) Condensed Matter Theory (ii) Mathematical Physics (iii) Particles and Fields (iv) Quantum Information (v) Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology (vi) Strings and Quantum Gravity. All these themes overlap with research work of PIMS members.


Each session has two invited speakers and upto five contributed talks. The invited talks are of 30 minutes duration and the contributed talks are of 20 minutes duration. All the talks are at the level where inter disciplinary research is encouraged. Every talk is accessible to all participants as there are no parallel sessions. The poster session was introduced in Theory Canada 7 in 2012, and we will continue this in Theory Canada 10.


Gilad Gour (University of Calgary, Conference Co-Chair)

Barry Sanders (University of Calgary, Director Institute of Quantum Sci and Tech)

Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University, DTP Vice Chair and Conference Co-Chair)

Arundhati Dasgupta (University of Lethbridge, DTP Chair)