The 3rd BC Combinatorics Day

  • Date: 04/25/2015

Richard Anstee, UBC-Vancouver

Multicoloured Matrices


Bill Bird, University of Victoria

Non-isomorphic Colourings and Distinguishing Colourings


Ross Churchley, SFU

Packing edge-disjoint odd (u,v)-trails


Eric Fusy, UBC-Vancouver

Baxter permutations and meanders


Donovan Hare, UBC-Okanagan

On the Construction of Graphs With Critical Cograph Partitions


Sean McGuinness, Thompson Rivers University

Hamilton Paths in the Cayley Graph of a Dihedral Group


Gara Pruesse, Vancouver Island University

The most elegant bump-number algorithm


Amites Sarkar, Western Washington University

Highly connected subgraphs of sparse graphs


Ben Tremblay, University of the Fraser Valley

Edge-coloured graphs and switching with a dihedral group


Christopher van Bommel, University of Victoria

Triangle Decompositions of Planar Graphs


University of Victoria


A collection of ten talks on topics in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science by speakers from universities in BC and the surrounding regions.


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The complete schedule can be found here.


Gary MacGillivray, UVic

Other Information: 

University of Victoria

David Turpin Building, Room A110 (map and parking info)

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



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