Discrete Math Seminar: Eric Fusy

  • Date: 03/24/2015
  • Time: 16:00
Eric Fusy, Ecole Polytechnique

University of British Columbia


Introduction to maps III: planar map enumeration


In this third and last talk I will explain how to compute the so-called 2-point function of planar quadrangulations (i.e., the generating function of planar quadrangulations with two vertices at prescribed distance), using the Cori-Vauquelin-Schaeffer bijection and some clever calculations due to Bouttier Di Francesco and Guitter.


From the exact expression of the 2-point function one can then show that, if X_n denotes the graph-distance between two random vertices in a random planar quadrangulation with n faces, then X_n/n^{1/4} converges in law to an explicit density. 

Other Information: 

Location: ESB 4127