2014 CMS Winter Meeting

  • Start Date: 12/05/2014
  • End Date: 12/08/2014

McMaster University


The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) and McMaster University invite the mathematical community to the 2014 CMS Winter Meeting in Hamilton from December 5-8. All meeting activities are taking place at the Sheraton Hamilton. The awards banquet will be held at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Public Lectures

Jeffrey Rosenthal (Toronto)

Plenary Speakers

Robert Beiko (Dalhousie)
Isaac Goldbring (UIC)
Miroslav Lovric (McMaster)
Laure Saint-Raymond (École normale supérieure)
Jacques Vanneste (University of Edinburgh)

Prizes, Awards, and Lectures

Adrien Pouliot Award and Lecture - Frédéric Gourdeau (Laval)
David Borwein Distinguished Career Award and Lecture - Kenneth R. Davidson (Waterloo)
Doctoral Prize and Lecture - Xiangwen Zhang (McGill)
G. de B. Robinson Award - Jonathan M. Borwein (Newcastle, NSW), Jan Nekovář (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Armin Straub (Illinois), James Wan (Newcastle, NSW), Wadim Zudilin (Newcastle, NSW)
Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service - Shawn Godin (Cairine Wilson Secondary School)
Jeffery-Williams Prize and Lecture - Askold Khovanskii (Toronto)
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