Geometry and Physics Seminar: Charlie Beil

  • Date: 10/06/2014
  • Time: 04:30
Charlie Beil, Bristol

University of British Columbia


A dimer algebra is a type of quiver algebra whose quiver embeds in a torus, with homotopy-like relations.  Dimer algebras with the cancellation property are Calabi-Yau algebras, and their centers are 3-dimensional Gorenstein singularities.  Non-cancellative dimer algebras, on the other hand, are not Calabi-Yau, and their centers are nonnoetherian.  In contrast to their cancellative counterparts, very little is known about these algebras, despite the fact that almost all dimer algebras are non-cancellative.  I will describe how their centers are also 3-dimensional singularities, but with the strange property that they contain positive dimensional 'smeared-out' points.  Furthermore, I will describe how this nonlocal geometry is reflected in the homology of certain vertex simple

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Note: Talk one: Gabriel Kerr 15:00-16:00. Talk two: Charlie Beil: 16:30-17:30. Coffee and cookies in between.


This is a live e-seminar hosted by The University of British Columbia in ESB 4127 and broadcast at The University of Alberta in CAB 449 at 17:30 (MDT).