Geometry and Physics Seminar: Ravi Vakil

  • Date: 09/29/2014
  • Time: 15:30
Ravi Vakil, Stanford

University of British Columbia


Stabilization of discriminants in the Grothendieck ring


We consider the "limiting behavior'' of {\em discriminants}, by which we mean informally the closure of the locus in some parameter space of some type of object where the objects have certain singularities. We focus on the space of partially labeled points on a variety X, and linear systems on X. These are connected --- we use the first to understand the second. We describe their classes in the "ring of motives," as the number of points gets large, or as the line bundle gets very positive. They stabilize in an appropriate sense, and their stabilization can be described in terms of the motivic zeta values. The results extend parallel results in both arithmetic and topology. I will also present a conjecture (on "motivic stabilization of symmetric powers'') suggested by our work. Although it is true in important cases, Daniel Litt has shown that it contradicts other hoped-for statements. This is joint work with Melanie Wood.

Other Information: 

This is a live e-seminar hosted by The University of British Columbia in ESB 4127 and broadcast at The University of Alberta in CAB 449.