PIMS-SFU Undergraduate Summer School on Multiple Zeta Values

  • Start Date: 07/07/2014
  • End Date: 08/01/2014

Simon Fraser University


An intensive one month program for Canadian and international students. The core of the program is a course which provides an elementary introduction to multiple zeta values and their applications in combinatorics, number theory and quantum field theory. There will be exploration sessions for students to investigate these ideas through exercises and research problems.

Other Information: 







The course is listed as a special topics class (for credit) at SFU. Students from other universities may be able to obtain transfer credit. Accepted students are not required to enroll in order to participate.




Students who are not from the Vancouver area will receive housing. A limited amount of travel assistance will also be available.




We invite motivated undergraduate students with an interest in discrete math, number theory, and related areas to apply. A suitable applicant must have successfully completed courses in calculus, linear algebra, and basic discrete math, and should be able to demonstrate mathematical maturity as evidenced by performance in higher math courses, or by past research projects.


A complete application consists of


   1) a letter of intent by the applicant stating the motivation of the applicant to participate in the program (1 page maximum)


   2) a current transcript


   3) a letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the home institution of the applicant. Please instruct the referee to send the recommendation directly to "mzv2014@pims.math.ca", with a clear mention of the name of the applicant.


Applications are preferably sent by email to




with plain text or pdf attachments.


You can also apply by mail:


    MZV summer school

    PIMS-SFU Site Office, TASC 2

    Simon Fraser University

    8888 University Drive

    Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6




The application deadline for the summer school for non-SFU students wishing to obtain credit is December 2, 2013.


The application deadline for the summer school for non-SFU students not obtaining credit and for all SFU students is March 31, 2014.







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Full scientific report available here.