Frontiers in Biophysics

  • Date: 03/15/2014
Dr. Régis Pomès from University of Toronto will be the keynote speaker for this year’s conference. Dr. Pomès' research in theoretical biophysics is related to understanding the basic physical principles that govern the fold and function of proteins, as well as transport across biological membranes.

Simon Fraser University


Mathematical modelling of problems in cellular and molecular biology, single molecule studies and networks of interacting biomolecules.


Frontiers in Biophysics is a conference which creates and strengthens connections between multidisciplinary researchers at local institutions who are interested in modelling problems in cellular and molecular biology, single molecule studies, networks of interacting biomolecules, and whole cell approaches to biophysics. Such a local conference is currently the only one event in this part of the continent that encourages and emphasizes discussion and communication between participants with mathematic, physics, computing science and biology backgrounds. Another purpose of the conference is to broaden horizons and inspire graduate students by immersing them in a dynamic and active research environment.

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