Geometry and Physics Seminar: Sara Filippini

  • Date: 01/29/2014
  • Time: 16:00
Sara Filippini (Zurich/ UAlberta)

University of Alberta


Type equations and tropical curves


We revisit the wall-crossing behaviour of solutions of a class of thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz type integral equations, expressed as sums of ''instanton corrections''. We explain how a set of tropical curves (with signs) emerges naturally from each instanton correction, then show that the weighted sum over all such curves is in fact a tropical count. This goes through to the q-deformed setting. This construction can be regarded as a formal mirror-symmetric statement in the framework proposed by Gaiotto, Moore and Neitzke. Joint work with J. Stoppa.

Other Information: 

Location: UAlberta CAB Room 449
This seminar is broadcast live to UBC (ESB Room 4127) at 3:00pm PST