International Graduate Training Centre in Mathematical Biology Summit

  • Start Date: 11/08/2013
  • End Date: 11/10/2013

Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff


International Graduate Training Centre in Mathematical Biology Summit

The workshop will have three main objectives:

(i) Provide professional development activities tailored to mathematical biology graduate students. The theme will be on "Career Transitions and Development in Math Biology". We will invite representatives from academia, government and industry to provide perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of a career in mathematical modelling, from the graduate level, through postdoctoral positions, to permanent positions in different areas. Possible specific topics will include understanding the tenure process, academic vs industrial views on publications, and understanding possible challenges faced by women and visible minorities in science.

(ii) Allow students to present their original research via a poster session and short talks. There will be structured feedback from faculty members and peers from across the network.

(iii) Research presentation / very short course by invited faculty. We will invite one or two special guest speakers to provide a 2-3 hour introduction to their research, with a focus on a specific tool or technique with broad application in math biology. We have not yet decided on the speaker(s) for this year's summit. Previous speakers have focused on stochastic PDE theory and application in ecology, and interacting particle systems. One date we are requesting for this workshop immediately precedes the BIRS workshop on "Current Challenges for Mathematical Modelling of Cyclic Populations" and if we can get this date, we will ask one of the confirmed international participants to arrive early and be a part of the summit.
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Daniel Coombs (University of British Columbia)

Other Information: 

Location: Banff International Research Station

Registration: Registration for this event is now closed. Individuals will be notified via email on  their acceptance.