Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures

  • Start Date: 06/24/2013
  • End Date: 07/05/2013
Mina Aganagic (Berkeley)
Dror Bar-Natan (Toronto)
Sergei Gukov (Caltech)
Joel Kamnitzer (Toronto)
Anton Kapustin (Caltech)
Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia)
Aaron Lauda (Southern California)
Marcos Mariño (Geneva)
Alexei Oblomkov (Amherst)
Peter Ozsvath (Princeton)
Ramadevi Pichai (Bombay)
Jake Rasmussen (Cambridge)
Marko Stošić (Lisbon)
Johannes Walcher (McGill)
Ben Webster (Northeastern)

Université de Montréal


Physics and Mathematics of Link Homology

In the 50 year old tradition of the Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures, the 2013 edition of the SMS will be a two weeks long Summer School on Homology theories of knots and links. It is meant primarily as an opportunity for advanced graduate students and young postdocs to acquire a solid background, and come up to speed with the most recent developments in this burgeoning field at the interface of mathematics with theoretical physics.

The program will consist of series of 2-4 lectures given by the world-leading researchers in mathematics and mathematical physics working in the area of link homology. The aim is to provide a pedagogical review of the current state of the various constructions of knot homologies, and also encourage interactions between the communities in order to facilitate development of the unified picture.

Some financial support for travel and basic local accommodation on the Campus of the Université de Montréal will be available for select graduate students and junior researchers. Application deadline is March 15, 2013.
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