PIMS UNBC Distinguished Speaker Series: Rhonda J. Rosychuk

  • Date: 03/01/2013
Dr. Rhonda J. Rosychuk, Department of Pediatrics (University of Alberta)

University of Northern British Columbia


Advice for Statisticians in an Academic Medical Setting


Interdisciplinary research is proposed as one way or even the way to tackle complex scientific problems, as individual researchers or disciplines lack sufficient knowledge or expertise to do so. Statisticians are well suited to interdisciplinary research, and will often work in a collaborative or consultative role. Effective statistical consulting is a blend of multiple skills and many of these skills are not taught during a statistics education. The academic medical setting can provide additional challenges. The clients have varying levels of statistical sophistication and diverse expectations for the consulting relationship. Personalities, activities, and timelines need to be carefully managed. Statistical consulting units may be cost‐recovery and issues of charging and recovering fees can be thorny. Grant proposals figure prominently in this setting and critical appraisal and problem solving skills are key. This talk will highlight key skills for success in this rewarding setting

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Location: 10-4588 Teaching & Learning Building, Prince George Campus


This special distinguished speaker series is on the occasion of
Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE2013.org) and the International Year of
Statistics (Statistics2013.org)


For more information, please contact Dr. Pranesh Kumar at kumarp@unbc.ca or phone Marva Byfield, Administrative Assistant, at 250-960-6490.


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