PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Eva Bayer (EPFL Lausanne)

  • Date: 09/28/2012
  • Time: 15:00

Eva Bayer, EPFL Lausanne


Eva Bayer is a mathematician at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. She has worked on several topics in topology, algebra and number theory such as: the theory of knots, lattices, quadratic forms, and Galois cohomology. Along with Raman Parimala, she proved Serre’s conjecture II regarding the Galois cohomology of a simply-connected semisimple algebraic group when such a group is of classical type.




University of British Columbia


Quadratic forms and finite groups



The study of quadratic forms is a classical and important topic of algebra and number theory. A natural example is the trace form of a finite Galois extension. This form has the additional property of being invariant under the Galois group,leading to the notion of "self-dual nornal basis", introduced by Lenstra. The aim of this talk is to give a survey of this area, and to present some recent joint results with Parimala and Serre.


Lecture begins at 3:00 pm in MATX 1100, preceded by a reception in MATH 125 at 2:30 pm