Math of Planet Earth Public Lectures: Ron Dembo

  • Date: 06/25/2012
Ron Dembo (Zerofootprint)

University of Toronto


Using Mathematics to Combat Climate Change


Climate change is probably the largest problem ever faced by mankind—we
have literally arrived at a point where we could feasibly destroy
our own habitat. So what role can mathematics play in helping
address this challenge? I believe that mathematics will play a
central role in the solutions that will help us adapt to the climate
change already occurring and prevent
runaway climate disaster. This talk touches on a few areas where
math is playing a central role today and addresses the roles it
might play. In some cases, as mathematicians, we will find ourselves
married with psychologists to solve behavioral problems. We will
be paired with farmers to solve agricultural problems. We will
be minimizing energy and carbon in our supply chains. We will
be building models for massive data analysis. We will be modeling
the planet, and so on.

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Location: Medical Sciences Auditorium


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