PIMS-Mprime Summer School in Probability 2012

  • Start Date: 06/04/2012
  • End Date: 06/29/2012

Omer Angel - Interacting particle systems


Gregory Miermont - Planar Maps



University of British Columbia


There will be two main courses, given by Omer Angel and Gregory Miermont. There will be a number of invited talks. Participants will have an option of giving a presentation as well.


Omer Angel - Interacting particle systems

Particles attempt to follow a simple dynamic (random walk, constant flow, etc) in some space (interval, line, cycle, arbitrary graph). Add a simple interaction between particles, and the behaviour can change completely. The resulting dynamical systems are far more complex than the ingredients suggest. These processes (interchange process, TASEP, sorting networks, etc) have diverse to many topics: growth processes, queuing theory, representation theory, algebraic combinatorics. I will discuss recent progress on and open problems arising from several models of interacting particle systems.



Gregory Miermont - Planar Maps

The study of maps, that is of graphs embedded in surfaces, is a popular subject that has implications in many branches of mathematics, the most famous aspects being purely graph-theoretical, such as the four-color theorem. The study of random maps has met an increasing interest in the recent years. This is motivated in particular by problems in theoretical physics, in which random maps serve as discrete models of random continuum surfaces. The probabilistic interpretation of bijective counting methods for maps happen to be particularly fruitful, and relates random maps to other important combinatorial random structures like the continuum random tree and the Brownian snake. This course will survey these aspects and present recent developments in this area.


The summer school will take place June 4-29, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. It will feature two introductory courses, by Gregory Miermont on planar maps and by Omer Angel on interacting particle systems. Additionally, there will be a number of invited lectures and presentations by participants.



To be announced.


Local Organizers:

Omer Angel     Ed Perkins     Gordon Slade


Scientific committee:

Siva Athreya, ISA                       Takashi Kumagai, Kyoto U.
Maria Emilia Caballero, UNAM     Jean-Francois Le Gall, U. Paris, Orsay
Zhen-Qing Chen, UW                 Neal Madras, York U.
Dayue Chen, Peking U.               Vladas Sidoravicius, IMPA

Other Information: 


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