Topology Seminar: Lars Louder

  • Date: 03/28/2012
Lars Louder

University of British Columbia


Strong accessibility of torsion free (relatively) hyperbolic groups




Let G be a finitely presented group. If the process of iteratively passing to vertex groups in a maximal graph of groups decomposition of G over finite subgroups, and then to vertex groups in maximal decompositions of the factors over two-ended subgroups, terminates, we say that G is strongly accessible. Delzant and Potyagailo argue that this process always terminates for certain types of splittings of finitely presented groups, in particular hyperbolic groups without two-torsion. I will give an example showing that their proof cannot be correct, and sketch a new proof that (relatively) hyperbolic groups without two-torsion are strongly accessible. This is joint work with N. Touikan.

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Location: WMAX 216


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