Eleventh Colloquiumfest

  • Start Date: 02/03/2012
  • End Date: 02/04/2012

List of talks:


Julia Gordon (University of British Columbia): Constructible motivic func- tions, transfer principles, and applications


Clifton Cunningham (University of Calgary): The elementary particles of number theory


Samar ElHitti (New York City College of Technology CUNY): The Dependent Artin-Schreier defect extension that fails Strong Monomialization


Katarzyna Kuhlmann (Katowice): The structure of spaces of real places of rational function elds over non-archimedean ordered elds


Mohammad Moghaddam (IPM, Teheran, Iran): The topological, metric and parametric structures on the space of valuations centered on a ring


Asim Naseem (Lahore, Pakistan): The completion defect and defects of valued function elds


Josnei Antonio Novacoski (University of Saskatchewan): Reduction of local uniformization to the rank one case


Izabela Vlahu (University of Saskatchewan): On henselizations of rational function elds


University of Saskatchewan


The Eleventh Colloquiumfest will present talks on valuation theory, number
theory and algebraic geometry.


For abstracts, please visit http://math.usask.ca/fvk/CF11.htm.


Franz-Viktor and Katarzyna Kuhlmann

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