Joint SFU/UBC Seminar in Statistics

  • Date: 09/17/2011

Dr. Carl Schwarz     (confirmed professor from SFU)

Fabian Moya    (contirmcd student from SFU)

Lilian Xia    (invited student from SFU)

Zheng Sun     (confirmed student from SFU)


Simon Fraser University


The purpose of this seminar is to serve as a venue where students can get an opportunity to show their work to their fellow students and acquire or practice the necessary presentation skills that will be required in their tie1d of work, as well as getting feedback about their talks from the other attending members. The whole event is organized by students for the students. 2 faculty members are always invited, not to give high level technical talks about their research, but to give more informal talks about important aspects of being a statistics graduate student that are not usually taught in a classroom. The seminar also serves as a place where students from one university get a chance to interact with students from the other university.

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Jorge E. Rodriguez