2011 West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School

  • Start Date: 08/26/2011
  • End Date: 08/28/2011

University of Washington


The content of the course will be based on the interests and expertise of the participants.  Topics of 3-lecture series will include, but be in no sense limited to:


1. Bousfield Localization and Axiomatic Stable Homotopy Categories


2. Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces


3. Transfer in Stable Homotopy Theory


4. Ring Spectra


Participants will have the opportunity to do some subset of the following:

1. give a talk about their research or a topic of interest.

2. collaborate with other grad students in planning topics and pre-lectures.

3. attend lectures outlining current research, as well as more general background pre-lectures, and extended question/answer sessions.

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Organized by and for grad students and postdocs. 

Other Information: 

All interested graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to visit http://2011-wcatss.wikispaces.com/ for more information or contact Maxim Stykow at maxim(at)math.ubc.ca.


Survey: Help PIMS improve its operations and plan for future events:  please fill out our (quick!) online survey. Thanks! 


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