The 5th G. J. Butler Memorial Conference on Differential Equations and Population Biology

  • Start Date: 07/25/2011
  • End Date: 07/30/2011

Butler Speaker:

Professor Jianhong Wu of York University


One-Hour Keynote Speakers:

Arno Berger (Alberta)
Gerda de Vries (Alberta)
Josef Hofbauer (Vienna)
Yang Kuang (Arizona State)
Yuan Lou (Ohio State)
Philip Maini (Oxford)
Shigui Ruan (Miami)
Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Japan)
Horst Thieme (Arizona State)
Wendi Wang (China)
Gail Wolkowicz (McMaster)
Yingfei Yi (Georgia Tech) 


University of Alberta


The scientific scope of the Butler conference series covers two important fields of scientific research. The scope in differential equations covers ODEs, PDEs, FDEs, and abstract dynamical systems. The scope in population biology has grown from the traditional ecology to include epidemiology, physiology, cell biology, systems biology, immunology and other medical applications.


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Scientific and Organizing Committee:

Walter Allegretto

Gerda de Vries

Herb Freedman

Mark Lewis

Jack Macki

Joseph So


Arno Berger

Lynn Erbe

Thomas Hillen

Michael Li

James Muldowney

Hao Wang

Other Information: 

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