International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms

  • Start Date: 06/20/2011
  • End Date: 06/22/2011

Invited Speakers:


Tetsuo Asano (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


Pavol Hell (Simon Fraser University)


Ian Munro (University of Waterloo)


Cenk Sahinalp (Simon Fraser University)



University of Victoria


The International Workshop On Combinatorial Algorithms (IWOCA) is designed to bring together the most creative and successful practitioners in this fundamental intersection between mathematics and computer science.


IWOCA's sessions provide for the dissemination of new results as well as for discussion and analysis of new problems and problem areas. Both complete papers and problem submissions are subject to a rigorous refereeing process that seeks to maintain the highest standards of academic research.

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports:

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Steering Committee:


Costas Iliopoulos, King's College London, UK &
Curtin University, Australia


Mirka Miller, University of Newcastle, Australia &
University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic &
King's College London, UK


Bill Smyth, McMaster University, Canada &
Curtin University, Australia &
King's College London, UK


For information about local arrangements:
Wendy Myrvold

For all other information:
Bill Smyth

Other Information: 

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