IGTC Course: Mathematical Ecology - Math 663

  • Start Date: 01/04/2011
  • End Date: 03/31/2011

Mark A. Lewis (mlewis@math.ualberta.ca)


University of Alberta


The course will cover modelling and analysis of ecological populations. The focus will be model formulation, mathematical analysis and biological insight. Subjects will be taken from: single species models (stochastic, continuous time, delay, discrete-time), interacting populations (predator-prey, cycles, chemostat, competition, mutualism), harvesting and optimal control, spatially structured populations (invasions, criticial domain size, reaction diffusion, integrodifference), and age-structured models (integral, difference, matrix, PDE). You will receive a mark for this course, based on assignments.


Prerequisite: Math 524 or an introductory graduate/upper level undergraduate course in ordinary differential equations and familiarity with partial differential equations.


Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 AM to 12:20 PM, Alberta time


Class Structure: Lectures will be twice a week in CAB 449. Local students will attend the class and E-students will connect via the computer.

Other Information: 

Text: M. Kot 2001. Elements of Mathematical Ecology, Cambridge University Press.


Electronic Structure: This course will be offered online to students in PIMS Universities, using Elluminate software via the University of Alberta Elearning/EClass. Credit is available at your home institution through the Western Dean's Agreement. The course will meet online. Instruction will include online notes, online "whiteboard" teaching and a video link. Participation will be interactive, with the ability to ask and answer questions. E-students will require a computer and online access.


Registration: University of Alberta students can register via BearTracks. If you have questions regarding your prerequisites, please check with me first. For nonlocal students, registration for the course requires the following


Permission to take the course: Please email for permission and include the prerequisites you have taken.
DEADLINE: Please send this information to Mark Lewis mlewis@math.ualberta.ca by December 4, 2010.


Western Dean's Agreement: Once you have permission to take the course, this form must be filled in by you and your Department and must be signed by your Faculty of Graduate Studies. We will send you this form, along with instructions.


DEADLINE: Please send the completed form to Tara Schuetz tschuetz@math.ualberta.ca (with a cc to Mark Lewis) no later than December 18, 2010.


For further information, please visit the official website at