Special Math Finance Seminar: Sunny Wong

  • Date: 11/03/2010
Sunny Wong

University of British Columbia


Active Neutral Trading - A new generation trading style


After experiencing the pain of the tech bubble crash Sunny Wong decided to break all the rules and throw in the towel to lose the rest of his money. Instead of losing any money he makes money.


He combines all 3 markets into one. He is somewhat of a “Jack of all Markets” and a “Master of None”. But he still manages to consistently make profits every day. He also calls his trading style a business and not investing. Sunny is not a fundamental or technical trader. Sunny will now discuss his Active Neutral Trading as a Business in a nutshell for all of us to hear.


Dr. Calvin Winter CFA will introduce Sunny Wong and frame his trading in the context of the Behavioral Finance Cognitive Biases which Sunny is exploiting. Ample time will be available for questions and answers.


2:00pm-3:00pm, WMAX 110