Conference on Selected Topics in Non-commutative Geometry

  • Start Date: 06/27/2010
  • End Date: 07/02/2010

Astrid an Huef
Paul Baum
Florin Boca
Berndt Brenken
Joachim Cuntz
Marius Dadaralat
Calder Daenzer
Robin Deeley
Eric Guentner
Nigel Higson
Antoine Julien
Jerry Kaminker
Nadia Larsen
Xin Li
Hiroki Matui
Bram Mesland
Sergey Neshveyev
Bogdan Nica
Hervé Oyono
Ian Putnam
Iain Raeburn
Marc Rieffel
Jonathan Rosenberg
Sigurd Segtnan
Jan Spakula
Erik van Erp
Machiel van Frankenhuijsen
Rufus Willett
Dana Williams
Nick Wright
Robert Yuncken


University of Victoria


This is an event organized by the PIMS CRG in Operator Algebras and Non-commutative Geometry. Interested potential participants please contact the organizing committee.


The focus of the conference will be on applications of Kasparov's theory, non-commutative topology, index theory, representation theory, C*-dynamical systems from number theory, symmetries and equilibrium.

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Heath Emerson (University of Victoria)

Marcelo Laca (University of Victoria)

Ralf Meyer (Goettingen University)


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