Workshop on Non-commutative Dynamics and Quantum Probability

  • Start Date: 05/14/2010
  • End Date: 05/17/2010

William Arveson, University of California Berkeley
Serban Belinschi, University of Saskatchewan
Berndt Brenken, University of Calgary
Thierry Giordano, University of Ottawa
Palle Jorgensen, University of Iowa
Richard Kadison, University of Pennsylvania
David Kerr, Texas A&M
Marcelo Laca, University of Victoria
Robert Powers, University of Pennsylvania
Geoffrey Price, US Naval Academy
Ian Putnam, University of Victoria
Orr Shalit, University of Waterloo
Franciszek Szafraniec, Jagiellonian University


University of Regina


This is an event organized by the PIMS CRG in Operator Algebras and Non-commutative Geometry

Abstracts / Downloads / Reports:

Martín Argerami (University of Regina)
Douglas Farenick (University of Regina)
Remus Floricel (University of Regina)

Other Information: 

Workshop website:


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