Mathematics for Biological Networks - Part 1

  • Start Date: 05/10/2010
  • End Date: 05/20/2010

First half: Infectious Disease Networks 05/10/2010 – 05/20/2010

Julien Arino (University of Manitoba)

Shweta Bansal (Penn State University)

Fred Brauer (University of British Columbia)

Junling Ma (University of Victoria)

Babak Pourbohloul (University of British Columbia, BCCDC)

Pauline van den Driessche (University of Victoria)

Jianhong Wu (York University)

Bahman Davoudi (University of British Columbia, BCCDC)

Rafael Meza (University of British Columbia, BCCDC)


University of Victoria


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Morning lectures for approximately 3 hours, afternoon computer labs
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