SCAIM Seminar: PELICANS - an implementation tool for solver of PDEs

  • Date: 02/09/2010
Kerstin Wielage-Burchard
Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, UBC

University of British Columbia



PELICANS is a C++ framework with a set of integrated reusable components, designed to simplify the task of developing applications of numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The program is developed at IRSN (France) and available under an open source license.


In this talk I will give an introduction to PELICANS starting with the Laplace equation solved by finite elements. This example is used to demonstrate how to implement your own code by choosing appropriate components of PELICANS and wiring them together. I also show that it is fairly simple to compare a given analytic solution with the numerical one for verification purposes. As another more detailed example I present the advection-diffusion equation solved by the finite volume method. Finally, some results of more complicated problems as multi-layer visco-plastic flows will be shown.


The goal of this talk is to show that PELICANS can provide you with a C++ framework which allows focusing on the set up of the mathematical description and numerical scheme rather than on the implementation. PELICANS also provides lots of examples (e.g. Navier-Stokes), it is well documented and coupled with external libraries like PETSc, SPARSKIT, and UMFPACK.


PELICANS can be downloaded from


12:30pm - 2:00pm, WMAX 216.