2009 West Coast Optimization Meeting

  • Date: 10/25/2009

Tentative List of Participants:


Heinz Bauschke, UBCO

Jim Burke, UWash
Warren Code, UBCV (student)
Mclean Edwards, UBCV (student)

Michael Friedlander, UBCV
Bryan Gardiner, UBCO (student)
Luis Goddyn, SFU
Warren Hare, UBCO
Arman Kaveh, SFU (student)
Valentin Koch, UBCO (student)
Bala Krishnamoorthy, WSU
John LaRusic, SFU (student)
Philip Loewen, UBCV
Zhaosong Lu, SFU
Yves Lucet, UBCO
Mason Macklem, UBCO
Onur Mete, Uwash (student)
Robert Mifflin, WSU
Bojan Mohar, SFU
Sarah Moffat, UBCO (student)
Abraham Punnen, SFU
Terry Rockafellar, UWash
Tamon Stephen, SFU
Rekha Thomas, UWash
Paul Tseng, UWash

Brad Woods, SFU (student)
Shawn Xianfu Wang, UBC Okanagan
Lin Xiao, Microsoft Research
Jane Ye, UVic
Sangwoon Yun, UWash (student)
Timothy Yusun, SFU (student)
Zelda Zabinsky, UWash
Annie Zhang, SFU (student)
Yong Zhang, SFU (student)
Hua Zheng, SFU (student)


Simon Fraser University, Surrey



The West Coast Optimization Meeting has a long tradition as a regional
meeting bringing together mathematicians working in optimization and
related areas. It traditionally meets twice a year, once at the
University of Washington,  and once at UBC or SFU.


This 1-day meeting is intended for faculty, grad students, and
practitioners. It has no registration fee, and is open to all students
and faculty. Students will meet leading researchers and learn about
their research, as well as network with students from other
institutions. Their participations and presentations are actively


For details, please visit the official website at


Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Tamon Stephen  (SFU)

Zhaosong Lu (SFU)

Abraham Punnen (SFU)