Disease Dynamics 2008

  • Start Date: 04/03/2008
  • End Date: 04/06/2008

Sally Blower (UCLA)
David Earn (McMaster)
Jane Heffernan (York)
Tim Reluga (Penn State)
Fred Brauer (UBC)
Troy Day (Queen's)
Eric Arts (Case Western)
Maarten Boerlijst (Amsterdam)
Rustom Antia (Emory)
Babak Pourbohloul (BCCDC)
Yang Yang (Fred Hutchinson)


University of British Columbia


This workshop will bring together scientists working on mathematical modeling of viral disease with a focus on viral evolution and epidemiology, and with particular application to influenza and HIV.

Please note: People registering after March 25th will not be registered for the dinner on Friday, April 4th. Please inquire at the meeting about the availability of space at the dinner, if you wish to attend.

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All events will be held at PIMS-UBC. Speaker and poster presenter titles are included in the preliminary schedule here.

Please note that this schedule is preliminary and subject to change!


Thursday, April 3rd

2pm Registration opens

3pm Welcome and opening remarks

3.10pm Sally Blower (UCLA)

4.10pm David Earn (McMaster)

5pm Poster Session

Friday, April 4th

8.30am Breakfast

9am Jane Heffernan (York)

9.35am Tim Reluga (Penn State)

10.30am Fred Brauer (UBC)

11.05am Troy Day (Queen's)

11.40am Focused Discussion 1.

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Eric Arts (Case Western)

2.05pm Maarten Boerlijst (Amsterdam)

3.05pm Rustom Antia (Emory)

3.40pm Focused Discussion 2.

5pm Report back on discussions

7pm Dinner

Saturday, April 5th

  • 8.30am Breakfast
    9am Babak Pourbohloul (BCCDC)
    9.35am Yang Yang (Fred Hutchinson)
  • 10.30am Focused Discussion 3.
  • 11.15am Report back on discussions.
  • 12pm Close

Poster Session

There will be a poster session on Thursday of the meeting. Poster submission will be available soon.


Student/Postdoc Funding

Travel support will be available for students and postdocs to attend the meeting. Registration will be available soon; when registering, please check the box indicating you wish to apply for travel support. For fullest consideration, applications for funding should be made by February 28th, 2008.



Registered Participants as of Thu, 03, Apr 2008 08:33:29 PDT
Alizon, Samuel (Queen's University)
Allard, Jun (UBC)
Antia, Rustom (Emory University)
Arts, Eric (Case Western)
Bakhtiari, Afsaneh (Simon Fraser Unnivcersity)
Blower, Sally (UCLA School of Medicine)
Boerlijst, Maarten (University of Amsterdam)
Brauer, Fred (University of British Columbia)
Buhler, Holly (Simon Fraser University)
Chang, Stewart (University of British Columbia)
Dabbaghian, Vahid (Simon Fraser University)
Das, Raibatak (University of British Columbia)
Davies, Georgina (University of British Columbia/University of Queensland)
Davoudi Dehaghi, (Bahman UBCCDC)
Day, Troy (Queens University)
Dushek, Omer (University of British Columbia)
Gezahagne, Azamed (East Tennessee State University)
Gilchrist, Michael (University of Tennessee)
Heffernan, Jane (York University)
Hogg, Robert (Simon Fraser University)
Hubbarde, Jennifer (The University of British Columbia)
Karanfil, Ozge (Simon Fraser University)
KIM, SEHJEONG (University of Victoria)
Krylova, Olga (McMaster University)
Lange, Alexander (McMaster University)
Lavieri, Mariel (UBC)
Lindquist, Jennifer (UVic)
Liu, Jiamei (University of British Columbia)
Ma, Junling (University of Victoria)
Meza, Rafael (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Miller, Joel (UBC)
Mubayi, Anuj (Arizona State University, Tempe)
Najafzadeh, Mehdi (UBC)
Otto, Sarah (University of British Columbia)
Pourbohloul, Babak (University of British Columbia)
Reluga, Tim (Pennsylvania State University)
Rutherford, Sandy (Simon Fraser University)
Sabatelli, Lorenzo (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Shareef, Zahid (University of the West of England)
Shim, Eunha (Yale University)
Steinberg, Malcolm (BC Centre for Disease Control)
Supervie, Virginie (UCLA)
Tridane, Abdessamad (Arizona State University)
van den Driessche, Pauline (University of Victoria)
Vasarhelyi, Krisztina (Simon Fraser University)
Yang, Yang (University of Western Ontario)
Zukewich, Josh (U. British Columbia)






Please contact Dan Coombs, coombs(at)math(dot)ubc(dot)ca, for urgent enquiries on behalf of the CRG organizers.