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CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize

The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), the Fields Institute, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) invite nominations for the CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize in the fall of each year. This is the premier prize for research awarded jointly by the three Canadian mathematics institutes. The winner, selected by a committee appointed by the three institutes, receives a monetary award, and an invitation to present a lecture at each institute within one year after the award is announced.

The prize recognizes exceptional achievement in the mathematical sciences. It was established by the Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Fields Institute as the CRM-Fields prize in 1994. In 2005, PIMS became an equal partner. The name changed to the CRM-Fields-PIMS prize, the award level increased, and the terms of reference were revised.

The winner's research should have been conducted primarily in Canada or in affiliation with a Canadian university. The main selection criterion is outstanding contribution to the advancement of research.

Previous recipients

  • 2023 Christian Genest, McGill University
  • 2022 Balint Virág, University of Toronto 
  • 2021 Andrew Granville, Université de Montréal
  • 2020 Catherine Sulem, University of Toronto
  • 2019 Nassif Ghoussoub, University of British Columbia
  • 2018 Jeremy Quastel, University of Toronto
  • 2017 Henri Darmon, McGill University
  • 2016 Daniel Wise, McGill University
  • 2015 Kai Behrend, University of British Columbia
  • 2014 Niky Kamran, Université McGill

  • 2013 Bruce Reed, Université McGill

  • 2012 Stevo Todorcevic, University of Toronto
  • 2011 Mark Lewis, University of Alberta

  • 2010 Gordon Slade, University of British Columbia

  • 2009 Martin Barlow, University of British Columbia

  • 2008 Allan Borodin, University of Toronto
  • 2007 Joel Feldman, University of British Columbia
  • 2006 Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann, University of Alberta


Nominations should be submitted by November 1st every year by at least two nominators who are leaders in the mathematics community. We particularly encourage nominations of women and of members of underrepresented groups.

The following elements should be included:

- One (1) nomination letter from both nominators 

- Three (3) reference letters from individuals other than the two nominators

- The nominee's:

  • curriculum vitae
  • list of publications
  • (up to) four preprints

    The 2023 competition is being administered by the CRM, please submit nominations to: Only electronic submissions will be accepted, and complete nominations must be submitted in a single pdf file. Nominations will remain active for two years. At most one prize will be awarded during any academic year (September - August). Further details for this prize may be found here.



    PIMS Education Prize

    akitaev Every year the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences accepts nominations for the PIMS Education Prize. The prize is $1,000.

    The prize will be awarded to members of the PIMS community who have made significant contributions to education in the mathematical sciences. Generally, the award criteria focus on contributions at a broader level with an impact, especially aligning with PIMS’ mandate, beyond the nominee’s institutions. This prize is intended to recognize individuals or groups from the PIMS universities, or other educational institutions in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Washington who have played a major role in encouraging activities which have enhanced public awareness and appreciation of the mathematical sciences, as well as fostering communication among various groups and organizations concerned with mathematical training at all levels.

    Previous recipients

    • 2023 - Lauren DeDieu (UCalgary)
    • 2022 - Sean Graves (UAlberta)
    • 2021 - Bruce Dunham (UBC)
    • 2020 - Fok-Shuen Leung (UBC)
    • 2019 - Jamie Mulholland (SFU)
    • 2018 - Julia Pevtsova (University of Washington)
    • 2017 - Anna Stokke (University of Winnipeg)
    • 2016 - Patrick Maidorn (University of Regina)
    • 2015 - Dragos Hrimiuc (University of Alberta)
    • 2014 - Susan Milner (University of Fraser Valley)
    • 2013 - Natalia Kouzniak (SFU)
    • 2012 - Mark MacLean (UBC)
    • 2011 - Veselin Jungic (SFU)
    • 2010 - Andy Liu (University of Alberta)
    • 2009 - Gerda de Vries (University of Alberta)
    • 2008 - Harley Weston (University of Regina)
    • 2007 - Virginia Warfield (University of Washington)
    • 2006 - Sharon Friesen (University of Calgary)
    • 2005 - Malgorzata Dubiel (SFU)
    • 2004 - Bill Sands (University of Calgary)
    • 2003 - George Bluman (UBC)
    • 2002 - Wieslaw Krawcewicz (University of Alberta)
    • 2001 - Klaus Hoechsmann (UBC)
    • 2000 - Ted Lewis (University of Alberta)
    • 1999 - David Leeming (University of Victoria)
    • 1998 - Jim Morrow (University of Washington)



    Nominations must be submitted by March 15th every year and should contain:

    1. A cover letter not to exceed 2 pages (summarizing the nomination) and additional letters from up to 3 sponsors, all of which should explain the nominee’s contributions and impact and their relevance to the award criteria;
    2. The CV's of those nominated; and
    3. A 3-5 page summary of major accomplishments of the nominee’s work highlighting the impact of the nominee’s work on the community.
    4. The application may include up to two samples of the nominee’s work (such as reprints or educational materials) as an appendix.

    Nominations received in the previous two years will automatically be considered for the current year’s prize. In these circumstances, nominators will be allowed to provide updates to their nomination.

    Nominations should be sent via email to: Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

    The prize will be selected by the PIMS Executive Committee which is composed of the PIMS Site Directors. The results will be announced in April.


    CAIMS/PIMS Early Career Award

    The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences are pleased to solicit nominations for the CAIMS/PIMS Early Career Award in Applied Mathematics beginning in November of every year. The annual prize is to be awarded to a researcher with a Ph.D. degree conferred within 10 years of the nomination. The prize recognizes exceptional research in any branch of applied mathematics, interpreted broadly. The nominee should hold a tenure-track position at a Canadian university and the research on which the award is based should have been conducted primarily in Canada.

    The award will consist of a cash prize of $1,000 and a commemorative plaque that will be presented at the CAIMS Annual Meeting. The prize recipient will be invited to deliver a plenary lecture at the CAIMS Annual Meeting in the year of the award.

    Previous Recipients

    • 2021 - Brendan Pass (University of Alberta)
    • 2020 - Jun Liu (Waterloo)
    • 2019 - Bahman Gharesifard (Queen's University)
    • 2018 - Alexander Bihlo (Memorial University)
    • 2017 - Ben Adcock (SFU), Hau-tieng Wu (University of Toronto) - Joint Award
    • 2016 - Jean-Philippe Lessard (Laval University)
    • 2015 - Jane Heffernan (York University)
    • 2014 - Geoff Wild (University of Western Ontario)
    • 2013 - Serdar Yuksel (Queen's University)
    • 2012 - Theodore Kolokolnikov (Dalhousie University)
    • 2011 - Adam Oberman (SFU)
    • 2010 - Daniel Coombs (UBC)


    Nominations must be submitted by January 31st to, and shall consist of:

    • a curriculum vitae
    • a publication list
    • a cover letter explaining the basis of the nomination
    • a maximum of three additional letters of support, at least two of which should be from references who are neither former PhD/postdoc mentors nor collaborators. In the case of very interdisciplinary research, the support letters should address the nominee's contributions in both applied mathematics and the area of application.

    Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

    Unsuccessful nominations for candidates who continue to meet the eligibility criteria may be renominated with an updated CV and publication list, and if desired, new letters of support.Decisions will be announced in April.


    PIMS/UBC Mathematical Sciences Early Career Award

    This prize was created by two founding donors, Anton Kuipers and Darrell Duffie, to recognize UBC researchers for their leading edge work in mathematics or its applications in the sciences.

    Eligibility: Any UBC faculty member who is within 10 years of their PhD on January 1 of the year of nomination. The nomination of an unsuccessful candidate who continues to satisfy the eligibility criterion will remain valid for one further year. However, renewal of nominations, with an updated CV and publication list, and if desired, new letters of support, is strongly encouraged.

    Previous Recipients

    • Trevor Campbell, 2023
    • Joshua Zahl, 2022
    • Natalia Nolde, 2021
    • Elina Robeva, 2020
    • Liam Watson, 2019
    • Alexandre Bouchard-Côté, 2018
    • Ben Williams, 2017
    • Yaniv Plan, 2016
    • Rachel Ollivier, 2015


    Nominations must be submitted by October 31st to and should consist of:

    • A letter (1-2 pages) from the nominator outlining the nominee’s research
    • Two additional letters, at least one of which is from a reference who is neither a former PhD/postdoc mentor/supervisor nor a collaborator.
    • A CV

    The list of the Nominations will remain active for one further year, subject to eligibility. The prize will be selected by an arm’s length external committee of four, appointed by PIMS and the UBC Mathematics Department.

    The winner will receive a monetary award and be invited to deliver a PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium lecture.