Past Board Members

Alejandro Adem (Director of PIMS, Professor of Mathematics, UBC): 2008-2015

Fernando Aguilar (Chief Executive Officer, Altamesa Energy Canada): 2007-2021

Ken Barker (Dean of the Faculty of Science, UC): 2010-2015

Martin Barlow, (Professor of Mathematics, UBC & Interim Director of PIMS): 2014-2016

Stefi Baum, (Dean of the Faculty of Science and Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba): 2015-2021

Peta C. Bonham-Smith Dean, Science, College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan: 2011-2023

Michael Boorman (Dean of Science, UC): 1998-2005

Donald Brooks (Associate Vice-President Research, UBC): 2004-2005

Barb Carra President and CEO, Cybera: 2020-2023

Bruce Clayman (VP Research, Professor of Physics, SFU): 1996-2004

Vladimir Chernousov (Professor of Mathematics, University of Alberta): 2019-2022

James Colliander (Director of PIMS, Professor of Mathematics, UBC): 2015-2021

Robert Chase (President & CEO, Lexacal Investment Corp): 2002-2004

Craig Cooper (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Lethbridge): 2013-2019

James Delgrande (Director & Professor of Computing Science, SFU): 1999-2004

Don Denny (Manager of Process Automation, Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton): 2000-2006

Walter T. Dixon (Associate Vice-President Research and Professor, University of Alberta: (2014-2022)

Ivar Ekeland (Director of PIMS, Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Economics, UBC ): 2003-2008

Renée Elio (Associate Vice-President (Research) and Professor of Computing Science, U Alberta: (-2014)

Haig Farris (President, Fractal Capital Corporation): 2004-2019

Kenneth Foxcroft (Deputy Chairman and Chief Trading Officer, TD Securities Inc): 1997-2004

Michael Friedlander IBM Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Mathematics, UBC: 2017-2023

Daniel Gagnon (Dean of the Faculty of Science and Professor of Biology, University of Regina): 2012-2016

Nassif Ghoussoub (Director of PIMS, Professor of Mathematics, UBC): 1996-2003

Samuel Gray (Chief Scientist, CGG, Calgary): 2013-2019

Jim Hendry (Cameco Research Chair, Senior NSERC Industrial Research Chair, US): 2009-2016)

John Hepburn (Vice President - Research, UBC): 2005-2016

Bud Homsy (Deputy Director of PIMS, Professor of Mathematics, UBC): 2010-2014

Gary Kachanoski (Vice-President Research, Professor of Renewable Resources, U. Alberta): 2002-2007

Lisa Kalynchuck (Associate Vice-President Research & Innovation, U. Victoria): 2018-2022

Richard Keeler (Associate Vice-President Research, Professor of Physics, U. Victoria): 2007-2009

Maria Klawe (Dean of Science & Professor of Computer Science, UBC): 2000-2002

James V. Kresta (Program Leader for Integrated Decision Support, Syncrude Canada Ltd.): 2006-2007

Prabha Kundur (President & CEO, Powertech Labs Inc.): 1996-2004

Peter Lancaster (Professor of Mathematics & Statistics, U. Calgary): 1997-2001

Cooper H. Langford (VP Research, U. Calgary): 1996-1998

Mark Lewis (Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Biology, U. Alberta): 2004-2009

Brian Marcus (PIMS Deputy Director): 2016-2020

Alexander McAuley (Associate VP Research, U. Victoria): 1996-1998

Ed McCauley (Vice President, Research, University of Calgary): 2015-2019

Barry McBride (VP Academic & Provost, UBC): 1996-2004

Michael Miller (Associate Vice-President Research and Professor of Computer Science. UV): 2010-2016

Marni Mishna (Deputy-Director of PIMS, Professor of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University): 2019-2021

Hugh Morris (President and CEO, Padre Resource Management): 1997-2009

Chris Nichol (Professor of Economics and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, U-Lethbridge):-2013

Yuval Peres (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research): 2013-2016

Edwin Perkins (Professor and Canada Research Chair in Probability, UBC): 1997-2017

Richard E. Peter (Dean of Science, U. Alberta): 1996-2002

Nils Petersen (Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Science and Professor of Chemistry, U Alberta) -2013

Brian Russell (Vide-President Software, CGG): 2004-2019

Dennis Salahub (Vice-President Research & International, U. Calgary): 2003-2004, 2005-2007

Indira Samarasekera (VP Research, Professor of Metals & Materials Engineering, UBC): 2002-2004

Vaho Rebasso (Chief Technology Officer, Boeing Information Technology, The Boeing Company): 2006-2021

Werner Stuetzle (Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences, UW): 2007-2017

Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann (Professor of Mathematics and Canada Research Chair, University of Alberta): 2013-2019

Martin Taylor (Vice-President Research, Professor of Geography, U. Victoria): 1998-2006

Tatiana Toro (Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington): 2016-2019

John Thompson (Consultant, PetraScience Consutltants Inc. & Professor, Cornell University): 2013-2015

Hugh Williams (Professor of Mathematics, U. Calgary): 2004-2006

Andrew S. Wright (Director of Actenum, Zymeworks, and Pharos Capital): 2009-2015

Zelda B. Zabinsky (Professor of Industrial Engineering, University of Washington) -2013

Sandra Zilles (Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Regina) 2016-2020


Note: The positions listed were held during the person's term on the PIMS Board.