Vakhtang Putkaradze Appointed University of Alberta Site Director

  • Date: 04/16/2015
The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Vakhtang Putkaradze has been appointed site director at the University of Alberta. His three-year term will begin on July 1, 2015.
Dr. Putkaradze is the Centennial Professor of Mathematics at the University of Alberta. He obtained his PhD from the University of Copenhagen in 1997 and has since held academic positions at the universities of Chicago, New Mexico, Colorado State (both mathematics and biomedical engineering) and since 2012, has held an appointment as the Centennial Professor at the University of Alberta. In 2006 he was awarded a Humdoldt Fellowship.

His research spans a very diverse number of areas, including geometric and variational methods in continuous media, mechanical resonators and renewable energy.
PIMS thanks Dr. Charles Doran, the outgoing PIMS site director at the University of Alberta, for the valuable contributions he made during his two terms. On July 1, he will begin a two-year term as Visiting Campobassi Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland.