PIMS to Receive $1.2 Million from the Alberta Government

  • Date: 08/25/2014

PIMS is pleased to announce that Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE) has renewed its funding for PIMS with a commitment of $1.2 million over the next three years. These funds will be disbursed through PIMS’ member universities in Alberta – the universities of Alberta, Calgary and Lethbridge – and will support PIMS activities in that province.

PIMS Director, Alejandro Adem, remarked, "We are very grateful to the Alberta Government for the renewal of its support for PIMS activities in the Province of Alberta. This funding will be used for key scientific, training, industrial and educational activities, as well as for a strategic initiative connected to the energy sector. Alberta scientists play a leading role at PIMS and this support will have a significant impact. I am very grateful to the PIMS site directors C. Doran (U.Alberta), C. Cunningham (U.Calgary) and A. Akbary (U.Lethbridge) for their wonderful work at these three sites and their crucial help in preparing the proposal for renewed funding."