PIMS Postdoctoral Training Centre in Stochastics

  • Date: 11/13/2014

PIMS is pleased to announce the launching of its Postdoctoral Training Centre in Stochastics (PTCS).
PIMS has internationally recognized research groups in probability theory and its applications, which have an excellent track record of postdoctoral supervision and placement. These groups will come together through the new PIMS PTCS to train an outstanding cadre of postdoctoral fellows. The program has already attracted significant funding from NSF for our University of Washington site in addition to support from the Alberta Government. The PTCS will organize summer schools in probability and mathematical finance, develop networking between PIMS sites as well as with groups in Microsoft Research, Montreal and Toronto and support visits by distinguished visitors.
The program will be directed by Martin Barlow (UBC) and activities are scheduled to begin in 2015.
Applications for postdoctoral fellowships
Applicants should apply for a position at individual PIMS sites, rather than directly to the PTCS.

Please see the link below for details: www.pims.math.ca/scientific/postdoctoral-training-centre-stochastics-ptcs